Exploring conflicts of interest


In this long overdue episode of the NZ Wealth & Risk podcast, I speak about conflicts of interest. I talk about conflicts in general, but also how my understanding of how conflicts of interest have the potential to influence advice has informed some of the important decisions I've made in relation to my business, Fairhaven Wealth

You won't walk away from this podcast with anything immediately actionable. But it will increase your awareness of, and sensitivity, to conflicts of interest and a greater appreciation about how they can influence our own behaviour and the behaviour of others. 

External links:

  • "The Dirt on Coming Clean: Perverse Effects of Disclosing Conflicts of Interest" by Daylian M. Cain, George Loewenstein, and Don A. Moore. The abstract reads:

Conflicts of interest can lead experts to give biased and corrupt advice. Although disclosure is often proposed as a potential solution to these problems, we show that it can have perverse effects. First, people generally do not discount advice from biased advisors as much as they should, even when advisors’ conflicts of interest are disclosed. Second, disclosure can increase the bias in advice because it leads advisors to feel morally licensed and strategically encouraged to exaggerate their advice even further. As a result, disclosure may fail to solve the problems created by conflicts of interest and may sometimes even make matters worse.



Sonnie Bailey

Sonnie is the founder and principal of Fairhaven Wealth.

Before founding Fairhaven Wealth, Sonnie worked in the legal and financial services industries for over a decade.

Sonnie first became involved with financial advice as a specialist financial services lawyer. For many years, he was an “adviser of advisers”, reviewing thousands of advice files prepared by hundreds of financial advisers, and providing feedback in relation to the quality and appropriateness of advice; industry best practice; risk management; and regulatory compliance. He has published work in industry publications and spoken at various financial advice conferences.

Sonnie has also worked with banks, investment management firms, insurers, and derivatives providers.

Sonnie has worked as a private client lawyer, focusing on succession, estate planning and trusts. He ran his own legal firm in Australia before relocating to New Zealand. He has also acted in independent trustee and company director positions.

Sonnie is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and manage the risks to which they are exposed.

He has written extensively on his blog, New Zealand Wealth and Risk, which can be found at www.wealthandrisk.nz.

Sonnie is married to his wonderful wife Chrissy, and has two young children, Ben and Anna.