Sonnie Bailey

Welcome to the NZ Wealth & Risk website! My name is Sonnie Bailey.

I'm on a mission against money vampires and empty suits - institutions and individuals who care more about extracting value from their "valued" clients than creating value for them.

I'm sick of seeing sales masquerading as advice in relation to financial services and residential property. I'm sick of conflicted business and remuneration structures that put the interests of these institutions and individuals in conflict with the interests of consumers.

Who can you trust?!

This needs to change. And the best way I can do it is to lead from the front. 

On this website, you can find free resources that will give you clarity about the maze of financial options available to you, and help you on your path towards achieving your financial and lifestyle goals. 

I'm an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and a former lawyer with experience in the financial services and trustee industries. I operate an independent, flat-fee, advice-only financial business, Fairhaven Wealth

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