My name is Sonnie Bailey (LLB BCom MEntr DipFincPlan AFA). NZ Wealth & Risk is my personal blog. Thanks for checking it out!

This blog is dedicated to savvy Kiwis who are engaged with their financial futures. The aim of this site is to provide INTERESTING and USEFUL resources with no hidden agenda. 

(My only agenda is for a small portion of readers to become clients of my business Fairhaven Wealth. Even then, my aspiration is to provide advice and resources that are on your side. I have lots of clients who attest to this.)

I’m an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and former lawyer with experience in the financial services and trustee industries. I’m the proud founder of Fairhaven Wealth, which makes this blog possible. 

I’m on a mission against money vampires and empty suits:  institutions and individuals in the financial world who care more about extracting value from their clients than creating value for them.

I write on this site without fear or favour. I’m not pushing products or advertising other people’s services. As much as anything, this website is a response to conflicted remuneration and business structures that see Kiwis receive sales spiels masquerading as advice, rather than the high quality advice they deserve.

I subscribe to the view of having “strong opinions, lightly held”, and reserve the right to change my views (or better articulate them) in the future.

If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions about what you’d like to see on this site, drop me a line. Email me at sonnie@fairhavenwealth.co.nz. You can even schedule a time to chat here

Please note: NZ Wealth & Risk is not an affiliate site. I do not advertise the services or products of third parties. Unsolicited offers to contribute content or guest post will be ignored or rejected.