2020 in review: favourite articles (and popular articles)

25 December 2020

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In 2020, this website had over 10,000 visitors, over 15,000 visits, and nearly 45,000 page views. (In some ways, that sounds like a lot. Compared to many other blogs, including several Kiwi-based money blogs, that’s very middling.) I published a new article every single Friday at 8am, plus a few extra articles in the middle of some weeks (especially during March and April).

Below are the ten most viewed articles on this blog in 2020. (Yep, most of them were published earlier than 2020.)

The ten most popular articles of 2020

  1. The minefield of ethical investing (2019)
  2. A curmudgeon reads The Barefoot Investor (2018) (still one of the worst articles on this blog)
  3. The myopia of compound interest (2019)
  4. Should you repay your mortgage or invest? (2018)
  5. Fiduciary: yet another “F” word (2019)
  6. How to calculate your asset allocation (2018)
  7. Two approaches to reducing risk: reducing likelihood and reducing impact (2016)
  8. Predict your future! (2020)
  9. April 2020 was the S&P 500’s best month in over 30 years. Huh?! How is that possible? (2020)
  10. 38 great podcasts (2020)

(Personal admission: I think that’s a weird list, and not super representative of what this blog is about. But it is what it is.)

Some of my favourite articles published in 2020


Money, from a different perspective

On financial planning


There’s more to come in 2021!


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