The state of this blog

Sonnie Bailey

23 May 2022

If you’re wondering why I’ve slowed down with publishing articles, this is my explanation.

TL;DR: I’m absolutely fine! I’m just prioritising other things.


I’ve been publishing articles on the NZ Wealth & Risk blog regularly since 2014.

To put it into personal perspective: I started publishing articles when my son was 2 and my daughter was an infant. They are now 8 and 10.

For most of that time, I’ve published weekly – usually 8am on a Friday morning. There were times (for example, during the first Covid lock-down) when I published more frequently. I’ve also had a few “tactical sabbaticals”.

But if you look at this blog’s archive, you’ll see that I’ve published a fair amount each year since 2014.

For the time being, I’m taking the peddle off the metal.

I will still publish new articles, just not as often.

I will still send out monthly emails to subscribers of the NZ Wealth & Risk newsletter, and make it valuable to be subscribed to the newsletter.

I’m focusing on other things

Whenever we make a decision, including decisions about how to spend our time, we make trade-offs. When you say “yes” to something, you’re also saying “no” to other things.

The main reason I’m publishing less often is because I feel a sense of urgency to pursue other things.

Some of these things are directly related to this blog:

This blog has nearly 500 articles, and I think many of them are great! They just aren’t easy for readers to find. Instead of writing new articles, I want to make those articles more accessible (and where relevant, more useful and interesting).

Similarly, I want to “touch up” a few of the things that are associated with this blog. For example, I want/need to update WEALTH: Simple Tips for Savvy Kiwis book to a sixth edition. I also want to work on the automated emails I send out to subscribers to the NZ Wealth & Risk newsletter (such as “Build Your Own Financial Plan”).

I want to try quite a few projects that are adjacent to this blog:

  • I want to work on the “Financial Confidence” offering I’ve been talking about for a long time. It’s likely to be related to the Stealth Wealth course I offered a couple of years ago. In the same way that the INSIGHT service I offer through Fairhaven Wealth is a more affordable alternative to my expensive full planning service, I want to make this offering an even more affordable alternative (or complement).
  • I want to experiment with other mediums, covering similar topics:
  • I’ll be publishing videos on Youtube.
  • I’ve been recording “season zero” of a podcast (working title: Ragret) to see whether and how I might want to record a podcast for a wider audience. (A weird finding so far: I’m finding it faster to record videos and audio than it is to write articles. I’m not sure whether that’s the case for everyone, but it’s currently the case for me.)
  • Plus, there are various other things that have captured my attention.

The more I reflect on my situation, I think I’d “ragret” not pursuing those projects more than I’ll ragret taking some time off publishing articles.


So if you’re wondering why I’m not publishing as many articles, it’s not for any negative reason. I simply have too many cool things I want to do, and not enough time to do them all.

I have LOVED writing articles regularly over the past eight years. It has been its own reward.

I’ve gained a lot more confidence that I have things to say, and that I can articulate them. I’ve been able to change my views and have had no qualms doing so. I feel like I’ve maintained a high degree of intellectual honesty. I’m proud of all of these things and take them into other areas of my life.

It has been a privilege to get to know so many readers – many of you have become clients, and many of you have become good friends.

I look forward to continuing to publish, and reaping all of these benefits, albeit at a slower pace.

There’s lots in the pipeline

There’s a saying that “blog” isn’t short for “web log” but “backlog”. I have hundreds of articles in various states of completion, and I’m never short of ideas.

I’ll list a few, to create some motivation for myself but also to flag for anyone reading this who REALLY wants to see me publish the article. Let me know if you really want to hear my thoughts on the topic.

  • AI and financial advice
  • Australia, New Zealand, and pension regimes (I feel like I’ll never finish this one; I might eventually publish a “here are some breadcrumbs, off you go!” version of the article)
  • Money advice for people with young children (key message: don’t beat yourself up if you’re not making as much financial progress after this major life transition!)
  • How I insure
  • Why I couldn’t be a politician
  • In defence or curmudgeons
  • The myopia of F U money (or: Chasing rainbows)
  • What price a soul?
  • Property: what I’ve changed my mind on
  • Property and leverage
  • It’s all speculative 🤷‍♀️
  • Beware the narrative
  • Thoughts on Web3
  • Moral uncertainty and the ghosts of our ethical decisions
  • Ethical consumption: staring at the sun, take 2 (follow-up to take 1)
  • My thoughts on various podcasts etc – such as NZ Everyday Investor and Property Academy (in short: I’m wildly ambivalent; both have some terrific stuff, but my feelings are tempered both podcasts platforming views I strongly disagree with – and weigh quite heavily)
  • Updating the mothballed Do I need health insurance article?
  • Tax as an invisible fee
  • Buying a bach as expenditure and investment
  • How to be interesting (part 2 – being interested; asking good questions) (follow-up to part 1)
  • When, not whether
  • Means testing as a tax on the middle class
  • Goals as Macguffins
  • The devil is always in disguise (why US politics is important, even to Kiwis)
  • Contra “there are no Supermonkeys
  • In defence of insurers (or: Why underwriting is HARD (and, in a way, interesting))
  • An updated version of How I money
  • The limits of independence (or: Have I hurt myself – and others – by insisting on being ferociously independent?) (Short answer: possibly; but I can’t bring myself to not be independent)
  • Succession planning for wealthy people (a little technical, but also philosophical: will it make a difference if someone inherits $5 million or $6 million if they don’t know how to manage it?)

Take care of yourself – and if you can, take care of someone else, too!

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