Category: Defining Wealth

Warren Buffett’s most important lesson

Warren Buffett is an interesting cat. He has long been one of the richest men in the world, and people love to quote him about investing. I’ve done it myself. I think there’s a lot...

The median is not the message

One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Among other things (including reevaluating my own life and my values and priorities), this prompted me to re-visit an article by Stephen Jay...


Love people, not money

If money is your focus in life, I recommend reassessing your relationship with money. It’s is important, but only in an instrumental sense – to help you live in line with your values and priorities. And if you want to be happy and have a meaningful life, I recommend prioritising your relationships with other people.

Wanting and liking: never forget the difference

There’s a difference between wanting something and liking something. In the modern world there are brilliant, hugely incentivised people trying to make us want things we won’t necessarily like. More than ever, we need to keep the distinction between wanting and liking in mind.