Category: Managing risks

“The truth is usually better than the nightmare.” What do we do when the unthinkable happens?

How do people respond when the unthinkable happens? How should we respond? 

In this article I discuss some of the lessons from Amanda Ripley’s terrific book The Unthinkable, which discusses extreme circumstances and events, and how people tend to act when the unthinkable happens. Ripley provides guidance for how we can improve our chances if the unthinkable occurs – and a number of tidbits that can make us more optimistic about our ability to respond to tough situations.

Kids and careers

This article springboards off a powerful (and forceful) article which states: “You. can. not. afford. to. be. a. stay-at-home mum.” My message isn’t quite as drastic as that, but when you have young children, there are career risks that need to be managed and opportunities that can be pursued.