Book an online curiosity conversation

Schedule an agenda-free 30 minute curiosity conversation with me! It will be via Zoom and it is absolutely free.

What's the story? 

Writing for this blog has its own rewards. I find it intrinsically rewarding. It's also a form of personal and professional development: I often don't know what I think until I've written it, and knowing that I'm going to share my thoughts publicly imposes a higher level of scrutiny and a higher standard on my thinking.

But it has extrinsic rewards as well. It attracts clients for my business, Fairhaven Wealth. Not only that, it seems to attract really wonderful clients. In this respect, I pinch myself every day.

I've been even more surprised about another benefit: blogging has helped me meet many interesting people I wouldn't otherwise have met. These people tend to be thoughtful, intelligent, and interesting people. They share perspectives, challenge me, and widen my intellectual bubble. I now consider many of them to be friends.

In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 I wrote an article asking "What happens next?". At the foot of that article I allowed people to schedule a 30 minute "curiosity conversation". (I borrowed this idea from Paul Millerd.) Those conversations were interesting and rewarding. Many of them revolved around prognosticating about the future, but they were often more wide-ranging than that. I suspect (and hope!) I'll stay in touch with all of the people I spoke with.

So I'm now offering a free 30 minute "curiosity conversation" to readers of this blog. My availability may shift from week to week. A couple of comments:

  • My expectation is for the agenda to have NO agenda. If there's something you want to cover during out time together, let me know at the start of the conversation. 
  • I won't prepare for the meeting, so don't be offended if I haven't! I don't expect you to do so either.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. I am just curious to hear from people who read this blog.

If you book a curiosity conversation my assumption is that you've read at least some of my articles. I trust you to determine whether you think we'll have an interesting conversation. You're welcome to ask me about the services I offer through Fairhaven Wealth, but that is not my intention with these conversations: I simply want to meet interesting people and get different perspectives on the world, to help my own world view.

Chat soon! - Sonnie