The concept of the “multiverse” is a wicked idea. According to  Wikipedia:

The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of possible universes, including the universe in which we live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

The various universes within the multiverse are called “parallel universes”, “other universes”, or “alternative universes”.

It seems that there is some scientific support for the idea that we are living in the multiverse. 

The next time you need to make a decision which has uncertain outcomes, think of the multiverse. Think of 100 versions of yourself, and the different potential outcomes from making that decision. Think in terms of 100 versions of you, splitting off, into different parallel universes.

What decision will result in the best outcome of those 100 different universes?

What decision will result in the worst outcome of those 100 different universes?

What decision is likely to lead to good outcomes in the majority of these different universes?


Sonnie Bailey

Sonnie is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and former lawyer with experience in the financial services and trustee industries. Sonnie operates Fairhaven Wealth (