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The people who seem to resonate with this blog tend to:

  • be thoughtful and switched on;
  • be engaged with their personal finances;
  • like to get different perspectives; and
  • are nice.

For better or worse, I tend to write for people who already have some runs on the board in their professional and/or financial lives. 

I'll also get a few "hot button" things out of the way: I think Donald Trump is vile. I also consider vaccines to be modern miracles. If you disagree, you're welcome to your opinions, and I value living in a society where people can have diverse opinions, but we're probably not simpatico. 

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I'd rather write poignantly for 10 people than pointlessly for 10,000. If the newsletter isn't a fit for you, unsubscribe.

If, on the other hand, you find it valuable and interesting, that's great! You're welcome to recommend it to friends and loved ones. And feel free to get in touch! 

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The privacy policy for NZ Wealth & Risk is the same as Fairhaven Wealth's privacy policy. In short: we keep your information secure and don't share or sell your information to third parties.