Podcast episodes to realign your perceptions

Sonnie Bailey

2 April 2021

The word “blog” started as a truncated version of the term “weblog”. But if you ask most regular bloggers, they’ll tell you it really means “backlog”. I’ve got LOADS of articles up my sleeve, but they’re in various states of undress and not ready for publication.

In the interim, I thought I’d share some podcast episodes I’ve enjoyed in recent months. If any seem interesting to you, I’m sure you can find the relevant podcast in question and search for the relevant episode.

The Peter Attia Drive – Katherine Eban: Widespread fraud in the generic drug industry. Whoa.

Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford – Catching a Killer Doctor. The most “successful” serial killer in modern times isn’t a household name. He was a GP.

RNZ: The Detail – Leaving the beach front – a political and financial nightmare. Climate change-driven sea level rises and its impact on homeowners who are impacted. Who takes the financial risk?

Reply All – The case of the missing hit.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Heaven and hell with Bart Ehrman.

Switched on Pop – 90s Music Canon.

Vox Conversations – What it means to be a “good” rich person.

How to Start a Startup – Peter Thiel – Competition is for Losers.

No Challenges Remaining – The Broken Economics of Tennis. (A personal prediction: in the next 10 years, I give a 70% likelihood of a very wealthy person buying up the sport (for all intents and purposes) and changing how professional tennis is operated and/or we will see different formats of tennis that are more TV-friendly (similar to what cricket has done, introducing one day cricket and then Twenty20.)

The CFA Institute’s Take 15 Podcast – Investing in esoteric assets with Rishi Ganti.

And because I’m shallow and lowbrow, some candid conversations with some well-known people:

WTF with Marc Maron – Eddie Murphy.

WTF with Marc Maron – Hugh Grant.

SmartLess – George Clooney.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Jerry Seinfeld.

Rolling Stone Music Now – Billy Joel.

Media exhaust

This is an aside, but something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I consume a LOT of media, in lots of different formats. Lately, I’ve been setting up systems to help me take a trip down memory lane in terms of what I’ve been consuming.

In other words, I’m trying to work out how to capture the “exhaust” of my media consumption, to easily review and reflect on everything that has passed through my eyes and ears and into my brain.

I came up with the podcast episodes above from checking out starred episodes and listening history on PocketCasts.

I sometimes look at my Youtube play history as well. I also read a lot of articles via Pocket, and have set up some “zaps” with Zapier to create lists of articles I add, star, and archive, to Evernote so I can skim what I’ve been reading.

I’ll have more to say on media consumption in the future, but thought I’d share while it’s top of mind. If you have any thoughts on how to review your “media exhaust” (or however you conceptualise it), let me know!

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