38 great podcasts (2020)

17 July 2020

I love podcasts! If you bump into me in person, there’s a good chance I’ll be wearing headphones, listening to a podcast at 1.8x.

I love it when I meet someone who likes listening to podcasts, and I love hearing about what they’re listening to at the moment.

Back in 2014 I shared some podcasts that I enjoy. Last year I shared three limited-run podcast series that align with the themes of this blog. I still like most of them.

In this article, I’m going to share some of the podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately. (This is from my current list of 168 subscriptions. It’s not an exhaustive list.)

Before I list these podcasts, I’ll get a few things out of the way:

  • When I sign up to a podcast, I never listen to all episodes from that podcast. I will only download and listen to episodes that interest me. I also skip ahead if sections of an episode don’t appeal. There’s too much great stuff out there to be a completist.
  • I urge you to use a decent podcast app, rather than what comes with your phone. I use Pocket Casts and it’s awesome. I’ve also heard excellent things about Overcast and Castro.

Here they are 🙂


  • Conversations with Tyler
  • Very Bad Wizards
  • Behind the Bastards
  • The Knowledge Project
  • Business Wars
  • VC:20
  • Against the Rules (Michael Lewis)
  • The Psychology Podcast
  • A16z
  • Rationally Speaking
  • Econtalk
  • Flash Foward
  • Long Now Seminars
  • Long Now: Conversations at The Interval
  • The 80,000 Hours Podcast
  • Making Sense with Sam Harris
  • Intelligence Squared
  • The Prof G Show
  • The Future of Everything
  • Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell)
  • The Ezra Klein Show
  • Other People’s Lives

Pop culture-ish

  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  • Switched on Pop
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones
  • The Bill Simmons Podcast
  • The Incomparable
  • Siftpop
  • SinCast


  • My Dad Wrote a Porno
  • The Ron Burgundy podcast

Money (NZ)

(I don’t listen to these religiously, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them)

  • The Happy Saver
  • Your Money with Mary Holm
  • NZ Everyday Investor
  • Cooking the Books

Money (international)

  • Bogleheads on Investing
  • Animal Spirits
  • Rational Reminder

Some of the podcasts on this list were recommended to me by readers of this blog. If you have any you can recommend, let me know!



About the author 

Sonnie Bailey

In his spare time, Sonnie likes telling people that he’s a former Olympic power walker, a lion tamer, or that he is an orthodontist. He is none of those things. In reality, Sonnie is a financial planner based in Christchurch. Through his business, Fairhaven Wealth (www.fairhavenwealth.co.nz), he provides independent, advice-only, fixed-fee financial planning services. Sonnie is a “recovering lawyer”: he has specialised in trusts and personal client work. He has also worked as a financial services lawyer for many years.

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