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Kids and careers

This article springboards off a powerful (and forceful) article which states: “You. can. not. afford. to. be. a. stay-at-home mum.” My message isn’t quite as drastic as that, but when you have young children, there are career risks that need to be managed and opportunities that can be pursued.

Do you really want to retire? I don’t.

I want to die with my boots on. Not because I’ll need to work, but because I’ll want to. You might be the same. Because work isn’t all about money. 

When you realise you may not want to work for longer, there are some implications that follow from this. This article explores some of these implications. 

Career risk and how to manage it

  In my most recent article, Retirement planning and whole-of-life planning, I referred to various uncertainties relating to retirement planning. These include financial risks, government policy risks, longevity risks, and health risks. I also...