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The difference between a financial adviser and an investment manager

If the first question you ask a financial adviser is “where do you get your research from?”, it probably means you’re confusing the roles of financial advisers and investment managers. It’s an easy distinction to overlook – many financial advisers think they’re investment managers, too.

On companies and their corporate DNA

Companies have a corporate DNA, or core genetic profile. Does yours align with your values and priorities, and enable you to be healthy, happy, and ethical? (This article is less practical and more philosophical. It’s also more relevant if you’re self-employed or have significant influence where you work.)

When sales spiels masquerade as advice

  Australia’s financial services regulator is ASIC. (The New Zealand equivalent is the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).) ASIC recently released a report on how large financial institutions manage conflicts of interest with respect to...

Two cents on innovation

When many people think about innovation, the first thing to come to mind is the iPhone. Certainly, the first generation of iPhone was innovative. It introduced a touch screen, useful GPS, plus decent email...