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Are we on the road to ruin?

In this article, I use James Rickards’ book The Road to Ruin as a starting point for talking about predicting “The Future” (singular, rather than plural), “X risks” (or “existential” risks), and the challenges of trying to predict “worldwide financial meltdowns” (whatever that actually means).

Planning for a changing future

When we plan for the future, it’s easy to think that we’re planning for a future that’s similar to the present. But think about how much the world has changed in your own lifetime. Or in the past 50 or 100 years. What will happen in the next 20 or 50 years? This is the context in which we need to plan our long-term future.

The cost of residential care

It’s common to say that retirement is U-shaped – you spend a lot of money at the start of your retirement, while you’ve still got your health and you’re enjoying your new-found free time....

Certainty and the turkey problem

We all take lessons from the past and apply these to making predictions about the future. This is both appropriate and necessary in many situations. The difficulty is that sometimes the lessons we learn...