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Warren Buffett’s most important lesson

Warren Buffett is an interesting cat. He has long been one of the richest men in the world, and people love to quote him about investing. I’ve done it myself. I think there’s a lot...


Love people, not money

If money is your focus in life, I recommend reassessing your relationship with money. It’s is important, but only in an instrumental sense – to help you live in line with your values and priorities. And if you want to be happy and have a meaningful life, I recommend prioritising your relationships with other people.

The billion dollar question

Sometimes you have insights which change your priorities in life. As I was approaching 20, I had one of those insights. As unromantic as it is, I believe it was prompted by reading some...

The importance of friendship

Maclean’s has published an interesting article by Brian Bethune in which he discusses two books, The Vanishing Neighbour by Marc Dunkelman, and The Village Effect, by Susan Pinker.  Although I’m less convinced by the propositions about how “our...