You have a financial plan, whether you’re aware of it or not

15 May 2017


Many people don’t think they have a financial plan. They’re wrong.

You might not have a clearly articulated plan for achieving their financial and lifestyle goals and managing risks to which they’re exposed. You might not have a firm idea of your long-term financial objectives.

But even if you don’t have a formal plan or clear goals, the lack of a plan is a type of plan.

You’re still likely to be acting in a consistent way. You’re acting as if you have a plan and goals, which is essentially the same thing.

This plan might include spending more than you earn. It might involve not insuring yourself (or, to put it another way, protecting your loved ones) in the event that the worst happens.

You might be acting as if your priority is your immediate lifestyle, and discounting your future lifestyle and the assistance you might be able to provide your children.

In the same way that not making a decision is itself a decision, not making a clear plan is itself a plan.

With something as important as your finances, isn’t it worth sitting down and thinking clearly about your plan?



About the author 

Sonnie Bailey

In his spare time, Sonnie likes telling people that he’s a former Olympic power walker, a lion tamer, or that he is an orthodontist. He is none of those things. In reality, Sonnie is a financial planner based in Christchurch. Through his business, Fairhaven Wealth (www.fairhavenwealth.co.nz), he provides independent, advice-only, fixed-fee financial planning services. Sonnie is a “recovering lawyer”: he has specialised in trusts and personal client work. He has also worked as a financial services lawyer for many years.

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